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• Started music in college, Summer 1996
• Initially went to college to study Graphic Design then discovered a course in Music Technology and switched courses
• Would eventually go on to study a degree in Commercial Music at Westminster University, London where he made links with interns at major record labels 1998
• Cut short University degree to focus on pursuing a career in music production 1999
• Auditioned for and demo requested by US label manager James Lassiter at Sony Music 1999
• Left the music industry for a 1 year sabbatical 1999
• First record deal was signed with Jet Star records in 2001
• First independent release was Ghetto Scripture in 2005
• US feature "Don't Waste Your Life" lead single from Lecrae's Rebel album which charts #1 on US Billboard 2008
• 777 (Mark of The Peace) independent release reaches top 10 on Amazon and iTunes in US, UK, Canada and Germany 2010
• Musical influences are grounded in Reggae, Soul and Hip-Hop music, Mum and Aunties were touring DJs
• Sound is an eclectic mix of urban black music and European electronic music​

Notable achievements:


• US Billboard chart number 1 album feature

• Collaborations with multiple Grammy artists

• International tours across 4 continents

• iTunes & Amazon top 10 album (independent)

• UK National TV appearance on Sky News & Sky One

• Collaboration with reggae icon Gregory Isaacs

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