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Dwayne Tryumf
Based in London, United Kingdom


Best Christian Music DVD, 2008, Christian Broadcasting Council Media

"I Don't Pack A Matic"


Executive Summary

  • Excellent observational skills to help visualize concepts.​

  • Skilled in all technical and post production film work. 

  • Skilled in working to deadlines.

  • Excellent capabilities to control and manage a set and the team of actors, producers and staff.

  • Expertise in working with a team and making healthy relationships with each other.

  • Committed to the art of motion-picture photography.

Technical knowledge

  • Excellent in digital film editing, competent using Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas etc. 

  • Proficient in all aspects of audio engineering and all apparatus required for shooting a film.


Key Responsibilities handled

  • Responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film​.

  • Develops the vision for a film and carry out the vision.

  • Responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots.

  • Responsible for deciding camera angles, lens effects and lighting.

  • Responsible for all aspects of cinematography.

  • Responsible for set design with the production designer.

  • Coordinate with the actors' moves, give performance coaching and also involved in the writing, financing and editing of a film.

  • Works to ensure that the emotions of the scene and the close ups, mid-shots and wide or long shots are captured in the final edit.

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